Way back when we first started selling bikes here at Top Gear cycles we mainly sold bikes for enthusiasts, people who like ourselves were really passionate about mountain, road and triathlon bikes. However as the business grew and matured we realised that there was a much greater demand than we first realised, people of all ages and abilities loved to ride bikes, not just the very competitive enthusiasts that we first set out to please. So as all good businesses do we evolved to offer more of what our customers wanted,  stocking kids bikes, and more entry level mountain and cruiser bikes.

E-Bikes NZ is a continuation of that evolution. Ever since we saw the first concepts of electric bikes back in 2006 we knew they would be coming and over the past 5 years we have fully integrated them here at Top Gear Cycles. We saw that e-bikes allowed riders to ride new places, for longer, and with people they couldn’t previously ride with so it was the perfect continuation of our philosophy to get everyone on a bike no matter the circumstances.

So that’s all it is, a continuation of a decade long thought to get more riders out enjoying cycling whether it’s with some extra help or not.

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